Colombian Women

Latina girls are getting more and more attention.

A lot of men want to discover new things. New possibilties. Colombia is not only famous for cultivating the best coffee, having the most exotic fruits but also for having the sexiest and most attractive women.

sexy-latinas, latina-girls

sexy-latinas, latina-girls

1. Where is Colombia?
Colombia  is a beautiful country in south america. The people are a mix of Spain, and Native Indian.

2. What is the best location to find Latin women?
All the locations are very good but Colombia  is very successful with about 65% of the men getting engaged on their first
visit. Medellin, Santa Marta, Cartagena and Bogota have the best looking women in Colombia.

3. Is this place safe to go to? I have heard bad things about Colombia.?
The places  that we know are safe because we already have been there. The most kidnapped people have been always involved in politics or in the drug buisness.

4. Why are colombian women better than Russian women?
Russia has the highest divorce rate in the world! Colombia and other Latin countries have the lowest. Russian women were raised in a society where there is no religion and the people have very cold personalities. Latin women are raised with the family and values being the center of everything. The people in Latin America very warm and are much friendlier than even the United States. American women are very cold and not family oriented by Latin standards.

5. Are these women as materialistic as American women?
Absolutely not! The women in Latin America are typically not materialistic and most live in poverty. We know you will be
pleasantly surprised with their honest appreciation of all small gifts, attention and affection they receive.

6. Why can’t the women in your agencies find good husbands in their own countries?
They could find a local man but their options are not good and they prefer men from USA and Europe. They think we are more sincere, faithful and hard working. They also find us very different and attractive. It’s the ultimate supply and demand in our favor. There are many more beautiful, single ladies in our locations than quality men to fill the demand. We need supply, that’s you, the men.

7. Do the women have children?
About 40% do have children. If a woman has a child she will marry a much older man. 20-30 years older. This is why you see 50 year old men with young women age 20-23. If you have children the women love the family and it is not a problem.

8. Do the women just want a Green Card?
Many of our customers retire with their wives in Latin America. Most would be just as happy if you moved there. Most of our women members would follow a man they love, anywhere. This question is usually asked by unhappy married men and American women, they both hate our websites. The American women feel very threatened by it and the married men realize they could have done much better in their choice of a wife. Information is everything and worth more than money!

9. What age women should I be dating?
Age is looked upon differently in Latin America. The higher the age, the more stable and sincere the man. Typically the women are looking for a man 10-20 years older. Here is a quick chart.

10. Why do most of the women’s profiles say looking for faithful or sincere man?
In Latin America being unfaithful to ones wife has always been part of the Machismo culture. The women think American and European men are more faithful.

11. How did these ladies find out about your introduction agency?
Most women are referred to us by friends that have had success with our agency. We also advertise in the local newspapers.

12. Why do so many beautiful women want to be in our agency?

They want to meet foreign men. Your looks and age are not important, your personality is. Latin men in Latin America are known for their bad behavior and have many girlfriends on the side. For this reason, even the families want their daughters to find a man from outside Latin America.

13. How are my chances of  finding the right partner?
For the 50% of our clients that get engaged on the first trip, the answer is yes. We think the other 10% of the men are not serious and just want to play. Many men go to Latin America 2-3 times a year to play and the other 40% come back to get married that depends on the men. Only you can help yourself and make the trip.

14. How do I know if its a serious agency?
Profile section like models in bathing suits and only high resolution photography reveals fake profiles. If they want you to sing up to only view the profile you cant take it as a serious agency, because just viewing a profile should be for free.

15. Russia has the highest divorce rate in the world, why would anyone go to Russia to find a wife?
We hear so many horror stories about women from Russia, even though they are beautiful.  Prepare to get burned by the Russian women and remember “We told you!”

16. What are your services?
Our services for the individual contacts can be found here:

We also offer personalized tours to Bogota:

18. What Services do you offer?
Individual contacts, posted profiles, translation service, personalized tours and if you need something else please ask us.

latin-girls, sexy-latinas

latin-girls, sexy latinas

1. Learn to dance.

This aspect is important, but if you’re a useless dancer, it’s not the end of the world. Either way, be able to accept that you’re totally inferior to everyone else when it comes to dancing to the local music, whether it’s salsa, samba or reggaeton. What makes the difference is trying to make an effort. Just don’t try to make an effort without a little basic instruction first. There’s plenty of one week salsa classes that you can take for example. Salsa is an immensely difficult type of dance to pick up – it’s something that’s in the blood of most Latin people who have been relative salsa pro’s since the age of five – so take some lessons and get practicing. You won’t look as good a dancer as the Latin men, but you’ll be seen as the “gringo” man at least making an effort. If you pick up salsa, you should be able to pick up many of the other Latin rythms by default – samba (from Brazil) is kind of vaguely similar, though more frenetic. And Reggaeton (the other type of music you’re most likely to hear in Latin America) is essentially Hispanic hip-hop, and great for dirty dancing. Get practising – learn the moves, take some lessons and it’ll pay off.

2. If you want to visit Colombia you should know where to hunt.

Choosing an appropriate hunting ground is very important. Best to go where the locals go. Don’t bother with places frequented by other foreigners or tourists – to make the most of your advantage you want to head to places where foreign (exotic) people are a novelty.

Colombia’s beach resorts, such as those of San Andres, Santa Marta and Cartegena, are popular for meeting sexy latinas.

Lets think about it: Are you a real matcho like the common Latinos? What are the Latinos like?

4. Everything about you that is Un-Latino normally works to your advantage.

Latin men’s charms are an (apparently) over-exaggerated myth when it comes to conquering Latin women. Being a smarmy, arrogant, I’ll tell you want you want to hear type of bloke is so not the way to go about it. Be everything that is the opposite to the definition of how Latin men try to pick up Latin women. So don’t try to copy the smooth talking, fancy themselves type Latin men that you might see in a nightclub or bar – this is, actually, the definition of what Latin women hate. Confidence is one thing, but being a slime ball is another. You want to be different, and anything that you can do to emphasize your difference compared to all those other local men in whatever place you’re in works to your advantage. Key personality traits that you might want to emphasize displaying include being down to earth, interested in what other people are telling you about, intelligent, and from a being from a totally alien, different society. Being able to take your booze (drink) works to an advantage too. Just behave differently from those drunken, local men.




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